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Online Sociology Degree


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Sociology Job Description

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Online Sociology Degree

What is sociology?

Sociology is the study of human interaction and behavior, through which social bodies are analyzed and observed.

What should I look for in an online sociology school?

The best online sociology schools should either possess regional or national accreditation from an accrediting body that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • The school’s name and status
  • The school’s history
  • Teacher credentials
  • Alumni network
  • In choosing the best online sociology school for you, you should consider the following factors:

    • Admission requirements
    • Residency requirements
    • Class and teaching style
    • Testing methods used
    • Course content and presentation
    • Program length
    • Class size
    • Student-teacher interaction
    • Technology use
    • Tuition and financial aid
    • Transferability of credits
    • Availability of a dedicated administration team and resources

    What levels of online sociology programs are available?

    The following levels of sociology degree online programs are available:

    • Online Sociology Certificate Programs
    • Online Associates in Sociology
    • Online Bachelor in Sociology
    • Online Masters in Sociology
    • Online PhD in Sociology

    How long does it take to get an online sociology degree?

    The amount of time it takes a student to earn an accredited online sociology degree depends on the level of sociology degree being pursued and the pace of the student.

    Typically, the breakdown is as follows:

    • Online Sociology Certification Programs – 6 months to 1 year
    • Online Sociology Associates Degree – 2 years
    • Online Sociology Bachelor Degree – 4 years
    • Online Sociology Masters – 2 years
    • Online Sociology PhD – 2 to 5 years

    What are some examples of online sociology courses?

    Some of the best career-oriented courses you could take in an accredited online sociology degree program include:

    • Sociology of Gender
      This popular online sociology course acts as a bridge between the schools of sociology and gender studies and presents a variety of topics including sexual identity, media representations of gender, women’s movements, and the forces that influence all of these aspects.
    • Self and Society
      An integral part of good online sociology programs, this course will examine social systems and functions in direct relation to the individual, how the individual’s identity, reality, and emotions are constructed and influenced by social powers
    • Perspectives on Communication and Social Change
      This online sociology course discusses the nature of communication and its function as a vehicle for change, how it is used in a democratic political process, and strategies that people employ in communicating persuasion.
    • Political Sociology
      In this top online sociology course, students will study the principles social power and leverage in political systems which affect citizens’ political ideologies and thereby alignment.
    • Sociology of Genocide
      For students majoring in sociology ethnicity-based violence, this course questions the factors that label, separate, and alienate groups and how human interaction is changed during the steps towards large-scale violent after, as well as the effect on the survivors and the perpetrators following genocide.

    What areas of sociology specialization are available?

    The best online Sociology degree programs can progress towards or offer opportunities in any of the following specializations:

    • Culture Studies
    • Medical Sociology
    • Media and Communication
    • Political Sociology
    • Social Change
    • Social Stratification
    • Sociology of Deviance
    • Sociology of Education
    • Sociology of the Family
    • Sociology of Gender
    • Sociology of Organizations
    • Sociology of Religion

    What can I do with a sociology degree?

    The set of skills provided by good online sociology programs can lead to sociologist work in a fairly wide range of positions, which include:

    • Child and Family Social Worker
    • Lobbyist
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Mental Health Social Worker
    • Social Science Research Assistant
    • Sociologist
    • Survey Researcher
    • Probation Officer/Correctional Treatment Specialist

    What is a sociologist?

    A sociologist is a kind of scientist concerned with the interactions of people and the effects and influences of human interaction.

    What does a sociologist do?

    A sociologist studies social behavior and society based on observations, case-studies, and trends of the social bodies that people form. Sociologists usually study a particular classification of people and how the interactions of any group of people influence their employers’ needs or aims. Because social sciences provide insight towards how bodies of people operate on a large scale, many sociologists find themselves working for political campaigns and lobbying groups, providing information, strategies, and advice on how their candidate or issue can better communicate with the public.

    How much does a sociologist earn?

    Sociologists earn an impressive mean annual wage of $76,190, and project a significant employment increase of 8.3% in the coming year. The primary reason for the high projection is the nation’s turbulent economic system, for which large companies and political officials are hiring sociologists to prepare information on employees, unions, consumers, voters, and every citizen who might influence or be influenced by strategies for economic change. Another factor is that there are relatively few sociologists at work, due to the low number of people receiving PhDs in sociology.

    How do I become a sociologist?

    Typically, to work as a sociologist, an applicant must have a doctoral degree in sociology, which usually takes two to three years of study beyond the master’s degree. Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree are often only eligible for positions as research assistants working beneath the doctorate-holding project manager. Though it is good to feature internships, campaigns, and research fellowships on résumés, skill and experience ultimately take a backseat to education.

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