Anthropology Resources

Anthropology Resources

Cultures around the world practice different traditions and methods of thought, yet all humans share commonalities regardless of racial composition. This paradigm provides the basis for anthropological study. Anthropology aims to explain our differences and similarities as nonexclusive pieces of the human equation. At its root, anthropology asks what it means to be human, both for specific cultures as individual units and across the spectrum of humanity. In addressing such a broad question, anthropologists tend to specialize in one area of study. Archaeologists find evidence of past civilizations while applied anthropologists conduct research amidst unfamiliar or unknown populations and scientists trained in anthropological linguistics study languages for clues to the development of human communication; the field of anthropology encompasses the breadth of human capacity and development. Anthropologists typically specialize in one of four disciplines: physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology or anthropological linguistics. Each of these utilizes a different approach to understand human progress and evolution, allowing anthropology to form broad hypotheses from findings in specific subtopics. Anthropology addresses questions about human evolution, social tendencies, organizational methods and racial/cultural difference to understand what really defines being human. Aside from traditional areas of study, anthropologists continue to venture into new areas of relation such as industrial and medical anthropology. Only the limits of human capability limit the topics under the umbrella of anthropology. This broad study of human progress allows us to see where we have been and how we lived there, and may even tell us where we might go next. Here are links to some of the best anthropological information on the web.


Anthropology & Technology

  • IT Roadmaps – Database for archiving the anthropologists working on how information technology affects human interactions.

Applied Anthropology


Biological/Physical Anthropology

  • ForensicAnthro – Details the study of anthropology as it relates to law including causes of death.


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