Sociology of Knowledge

Sociology of Knowledge

Here is information on basic to the history and evolution of the sociology of knowledge as well as to the papers and biographies of that field’s most prolific thinkers.  This  guide gives you links to all of the theorists, theory papers, and schools of thought surrounding the topic.  Take a look at our other useful resources to help you understand sociology more as your continue your studies.

Basic Information


David Bloor Wiki: the Wikipedia page for David Bloor with biography.

Elise Boulding: interview of Elise Boulding on how she got started and sociology and her focus on peace making

Stephen Bronner: Wikipedia page including Biography and theoretical contributions.

  • Of Critical Theory and Its Theorists: Introduction: a research paper by Stephen Bronner.

Steven Brint: biography

Edmund F. Byrne: archive of publications.

James Curry: The Dialectic of Knowledge-in-Production: Value Creation in Late Capitalism and the Rise of Knowledge-Centered Production, a research paper.

Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann’s Theory: an explanation of Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann’s theory and phenomenological approach to the sociology of knowledge.

Emile Durkheim: biography

Jurgen Habermas: a biography of the life and work of Jurgen Habermas.

Peter Fargo: Relativism in the Sociology of Knowledge, a research paper.

William Faulkner: the Wikipedia page for William Faulkner including a biography of his personal life and professional work.

Andrew Feenberg: biography

Michel Foucault: biography, and archive of Foucault’s works.

Jan Golinski: official homepage for Jan Golinski, includes brief bio and links to his works.

Antonio Gramsci Wiki: Wikipedia page for Antonio Gramski including biography of his earlier life and theories.

Donna Haraway: the Wikipedia page for Donna Haraway including information on her books, academic papers, and research.

Thomas Kuhn: the Wikipedia page for Thomas Kuhn including a biography of his life and work

  • Study Guide: a study guide for Thomas Kuhn’s book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
  • The Case of Literary Theory: overview of David Bromwich’s response to Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Martin Kusch Wiki: Wikipedia page for Martin Kusch, includes biography and links to some of his publications.

  • Bibliography: a bibliography of resources related to Martin Kusch’s research in the sociology of scientific knowledge

Richard A. Lanham Wiki: Wikipedia page for Lanham, brief biography.

Bruno Lataur and Michel Callon: an overview of the Actor-Network Theory.

Elizabeth Lane Lawley: official homepage for Lawley.

David Locher: a research paper, Unacknowledged Roots and Blatant Imitation: Postmodernism and the Dada Movement.

Helen Longino: biography of the life and work of Longino.

Georg Lukacs Archive: biography and archive of works and criticisms.

Jean-Francois Lyotard: biography.

Karl Mannheim Wiki: Wikipedia page with biography of life and work of Karl Mannheim.

Karl Marx: overview of Marx’s work and research in the sociology of knowledge.

Steve Mizrach: official home page for Mizrach, includes brief biography and links to his works.

Vilfredo Pareto: biography

Karl Popper: biography of the life and works of Karl Popper.

Max Scheler Wiki: Wikipedia page for Max Scheler including a biography and resource list of his works.

Pitrim A. Sorokin: biography

Mike Sosteric: brief overview of Sosteric’s work.

Thorstein Veblen: biography

Max Weber: biography and links to resources on his works.

Robert M. Young Wiki: Wikipedia page for Young, includes overview of his career and his theories.

  • Online Writings: links to several of Robert Young’s works and research.

Frankfurt School Wiki: the Wikipedia page for the Frankfurt School, a neo-Marxist social theory.

  • Illuminations: a critical theory website with information and web resources for learning all about the Frankfurt School of thought.
  • Overview and Resources: overview, resources, and recommended readings for learning more about the Frankfurt School.
  • Frankfurt School: overview.
  • The Frankfurt School: overview of the history, theories and political significance of the Frankfurt School.