Women’s History

Women’s History

Here a good resource on the history of women and society with many links to guides for in depth information on the topics.  It is important to understand the past events on women’s rights and issues as it reflects on the way we view women in today’s culture.  Take a look at our other guides on different aspects of sociology as you continue your research and studies.

Women’s history spans millennia, and still today is an important topic for sociological study. Typically when studying women throughout history, researchers focus on the role that women have played in society at large—their academic, scientific, and social contributions in the US and worldwide. Woman’s suffrage is another important topic of study for which there is a wealth of material available. Additionally, women serving in the armed forces are commemorated for their bravery and historical impact in many resources, and their correspondence held as important historical artifacts. Luckily for researchers, vast archives of information exist online, including primary and secondary sources, as well as analysis from many perspectives. These documents and the many other types of media available shed light on women’s history and their overall impact on past and present society.

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