Sociology Salary : How Much Does a Sociologist Make?

Sociology Careers

The career-paths taken by individuals with online sociology degrees are widely varied. Some choose public service, perhaps as social workers, rehabilitation counselors, corrections officials, or remedial teachers. Others choose more lucrative sociology jobs with private businesses, working in the advertising or communication department, or even working as journalists and writers. Depending on individual interests and commitment to further schooling, sociology students can find any number of job opportunities to suit their tastes. The specific educational path that students choose can significantly affect the type of salary they can expect to make.

Overview of Typical Sociology Salaries

Individuals with online sociology degrees earn a fairly broad range of income, depending on the nature of their work, location, and employer. For example, social work, a common pursuit of those with an online sociology degree, may offer an annual salary anywhere between $21,770 and $74,040, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some sociology majors seek to use their keen observation and research skills as journalists, a competitive field that may pay anywhere between $20,180 and $77,480 annually. Special education teachers may command salaries between $33,770 and $78,980 per year, depending on location and level of experience. However, most of these professions require additional years of schooling and/or special certification or credentials, depending on location.

Such jobs represent some of the lower sociology salaries, but other individuals who have achieved an online sociology degree can find more lucrative job opportunities. In the business world, for example, one may command a six-figure salary. Advertising and promotions managers earn an average of $105,960 per year, though starting salaries are typically much lower, and the exact earnings will depend on what sort of company an employee works for.

Outlook for Sociology Careers

Many common fields associated with an online sociology degree are expected to experience some significant job growth, particularly service jobs in the public sector. The demand for social workers is expected to grow faster than the average, according to the bureau of labor statistics, as is the need for special education, ESL, and remedial education teachers. Sociology careers in the criminal justice sector which usually offer a mid-range sociology salary, such as rehabilitation counselors and corrections officers, are also expected to offer a favorable job market.

Certain sociology careers, particularly those in business and communication fields, are expected to grow about as fast as average, while some, including those in journalism, are expected to decline somewhat in the coming years. The particular field of interest of an individual with an online sociology degree will determine what sort of job outlook they will face when entering the job market, and likewise what sort of sociology salary they can expect to command.